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We are devoted to providing assistance to our all clients while delivering exceptional digital travel solutions.


About Us

Travel Lights has years of experience in assisting corporate and business travelers while delivering nothing less than excellence. Travel Lights is committed to offering all-in-one travel arrangements as we are passionate about traveling and sharing the wonders of the world with corporate explorers yet providing a personal touch. We understand that you travel for work which is why we offer professional and quality services, guaranteed to make your travel experience exceptional.

Travel Light is anchored with strong values, integrity and dedication towards delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and unmatched assistance. Our B2B and Corporate Booking System allows us to sustain our all-in-one network. We provide incomparable channel control, extend and diversify options for your business network, ensuring top-notch quality and performance. We are a specialized firm providing our clients with maximum opportunities, guaranteed to build sales channel and customer connections.

Our B2B services offer numerous facilities that provide outstanding travel experience and travel products directly to business clients. Our competitive core competency is providing the unique design with fast, dynamic and powerful booking packages, backed with a rich portfolio of hotels and flights bundles.

We also deliver Mid Back-Office module feature which allows you to set your own travel and management rules along with real-time stress-free booking, traveler engagement, defining mark-ups, generating invoices, supplier management, running reports, data insights and providing multiple modes of payments. We believe in making an impact, hence, offer our outstanding services guaranteed to improve your business performance. In short, we are your one stop shop for all travel solutions.

We are devoted to providing assistance to our all clients while delivering exceptional digital travel solutions.

  • All-in-one traveling agency
  • Secure and efficient delivery
  • Quality is our top priority
  • Personal touch while delivering quality
  • Friendly and pleasant customer service
  • Stress-free and easy booking
  • An extensive portfolio of international hotels and airlines
  • Best value against your investment
  • Expert travel staff having years of experience
  • Travel solutions for all
  • Continuous 24/7 emergency travel support


B2B/ B2C Travel Booking Software
  • All-inclusive travel services on a single platform
  • Competitive prices on all our dynamic travel packages
  • White label
  • XML API channels
  • Complete booking management system
  • Automatic ticketing
  • Vouchers and invoices
  • Efficient travel learning
  • Actionable insights
One Stop Shop
  • Comprehensive collection of best hotels, cruises and airlines
  • Hotel mapping
  • Channel manager
  • Map-based search
  • Dynamic packages
  • Top car rental services
  • Exceptional portfolio of logistics services
  • Activities and events managers
Tailor-Made Website Solutions
  • Speedy and affordable website solutions
  • Brand building expert
  • Complete customization
  • Saves time, money and energy
  • Emphasis on the brand's core competencies
  • No infrastructure required
  • Meet your all requirements
  • No technology creation

How Travellights can transform your travel business

Take advantage of our web based software solution that has been modeled upon the most successful travel businesses worldwide.

  1. Complete sales automation

    Complete sales automation

    Improve efficiency and reduce costs with a completely automated sales workflow.

  2. Quote and invoice quickly

    Quote and invoice quickly

    Win more sales with quicker responses as well as beautiful itineraries. Our powerful engine enables instant quoting and invoice of your customers.

  3. Maximize revenue

    Maximize revenue

    Do your sales agents follow up on leads? Use automatic follow-up emails including other sales and marketing automation tools. Increase your win rates by more than 30%.

  4. Expand selling channels

    Expand selling channels

    Boost sales by easily adding and managing different sales channels.

  5. Automate upselling and reselling

    Automate upselling and reselling

    Increase sales by sending automated and customized emails to customers offering them the ability to purchase and enjoy additional travel products during their travels.

  6. Automate operations

    Automate operations

    Reduce costs with an automatic supplier inquiry & confirmation process. Handle 10x more reservations with the same number of employees.

  7. Business intelligence

    Business intelligence

    Use exact numbers to improve productivity and drive your company in the right direction with smarter planning and decisions.


"When your employees travel with us, your business improves.”

At Travel Lights, we understand that the business relationship is revolving which is why we offer customized digital travel solutions. Being your employee travel agent, we work for you. We make sure your employees stay productive while offering competitive bundles and an unforgettable travel experience.

Our goal is to make every trip easy with professional business arrangements, safe navigation and a simple itinerary. With our years of experience in tourism and technology, we have established ourselves in the field of corporate travel, leading to reputation and a strong relationship with the international travel industry, allowing us to deliver top-notch corporate travel management services. Our focus on your business improvements makes us the number one choice when it comes to corporate traveling

We have a dedicated travel specialist, ensuring efficient corporate travel solutions.

As expert corporate travel agents, it is our duty to deliver specialized business solutions to all our clients. Traveling is our passion and our work, it’s simply what we do every single day. We have strong relationships with the international airline industry, hospitality business, cruise ships and car rental services, guaranteed

We are focused to elevate your corporate travel experience from start to finish.

We are committed to making business travel easy for your employees by offering an integrated platform that manages each and everything from booking to scheduling. Our easy booking feature allows employees to book corporate travel services via any online medium of mobile phone and computer.


We provide exceptional safe and secure corporate travel services for:

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Business trips
  • International conventions
  • Gathering of global distribution suppliers
  • corporate summits
  • Worldwide seminars
  • Promoting products and services on business delegations
  • International business building meet-ups
We make sure that all your employees traveling's are secure, ensuring their safety. We provide the support you need to keep your employees safe, our travel app offers location tracking, risk management, emergency messaging tools, momentous visibility into employee spending, booking analysis and keeping your employees on track.

  • A single platform that offers business travel booking (trains, flights, car rentals, cruise, hotels)
  • Competitive pricing on dynamic corporate travel packages
  • Book on the go
  • Consolidate data into a single platform
  • Travel insights
  • Best-rate guarantee
  • Mobile friendly travel app
  • Monitor your activity and expenses from a centralized dashboard
  • Streamline tools, services and processes
  • Enhanced risk-management facilities
  • Dedicated account management

Travellights is built to meet the needs of your travel business

  • Inbound tour operator software solution

    Inbound Tour Operator

  • Outbound tour operator software solution

    Outbound Tour Operator

  • DMC software solution

    Destination Management Company (DMC)

  • MICE & Corporate Travel software solution

    Corporate Travel & MICE company

  • Travel agency software solution

    Travel Agency & OTA

Using Travellights for FITs now shows it’s strong side

Using the product over a year now I can clearly see the benefits, especially using Travellights for FITs now shows it's strong side. Cloud a.k.a. "anytime everywhere" is something I like the most about this software. And we love the people working for Travellights.
Oliver Riefler
Oliver Riefler

SETT Worldwide, Germany

Implementing Travellights was a crucial process for the whole company

Before we started using Travellights, we were already using a system, but the system was lacking some features, was old and was not updated anymore. Travellights team helped us to migrate to Travellights which was a crucial process for the whole company. Two things that are very important to me are the software updates, I like that new things and modules are added contentiously to the system. When we started working with Travellights, it had less features, but still it was our first choice. The second thing that is important to me, but even more important to my team, is the support! My team of 45 people is the one who is working with the system every day for 8 hours per day.
Pavle Markovic
Pavle Markovic

Managing Director
Ban Tours, Croatia

Wise investment that overcame my high expectations.

I found this system very easy to learn and to implement. The learning process was very easy and the people that teach you are great, with great disposition and patience to teach you. The system has many more capabilities that what I expected, more options to help you have lots of information and data to make reports and evaluate your sales. The support has been very helpful we have gotten responses very fast to all of our questions, even with the very large time difference. I have very high expectations about how this system will help my business thrive and develop. It was definitely a wise investment.
Daniela Martinez
Daniela Martinez

Commercial Director
IMC Travel & DMC, Mexico

Everything is centralised in one system!

Travellights is flexible on different reports. It helped us to manage all of our bookings and clients at one place. We saved a lot of time and the support team helped us a lot with their friendly approach.
Claudia Aguirre
Claudia Aguirre

Vice President
Luxury Lifestyle Vacations, Florida, USA

User friendly. Effective. With a dedicated support team!

Travellights support team are well versed on travel and implementation was a huge pleasure dealing with such a dedicated, knowledgeable team who find solutions on our behalf for every permutation. We were blown away and still are by Mate and his team. Loading of the system is easy and logic. The software is user friendly and effective.
Elaine Durr
Elaine Durr

Operations Director
World Leisure Holidays, South Africa

Travellights travel software features

An advanced solution under development for more than 15 years, now covers and improves the majority of processes in your travel company.

Travel Products

Travel Products

Manage your travel products and use third-party integrations. Easily create various travel products and offer products from 3rd party suppliers and GDS’s such as GTA, Travelport, Amadeus…

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Increase sales using multiple sales channels. Sell all travel products efficiently through B2B/B2C online booking, call centers, branch offices and affiliate program.

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Automate communication with suppliers. Notify suppliers of each reservation, organize arrivals and departures by creating rooming, transfers, flight and bus lists.

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Finances and Accounting

Finances and Accounting

Complete management of accounts receivable and payable. Stay on track with your invoices, payments, actual earnings and debts.

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Increase revenue with our marketing automation. Use automatic follow-up and upsell emails and other lead nurturing tools. Drive your sales with coupons and special promotions.

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Use insightful reports to track your business performance. Get insights into sales, marketing, products, suppliers, customers and employees.

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